Historical taboo bundle, yes it’s a thing #erotica

It was a long time coming (cumming?) But here are the five stories in the “Golden Age Taboo” series.

It was fun to write even though it required a lot of research, but it wasn’t as popular as I thought it was going to be. I had envisioned dozens of books with these family members, spanning a hundred years. It seems readers prefer my usual contemporary stories.

You know the drill, make sure you don’t already have all these stories. However, at this price, it will be worth it to you if you’re missing only one!

Less than a buck until the weekend 🙂

Less than a buck

Golden Age Taboo

Golden Age Taboo: The Complete Collection

In The Series
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Follow the Lenhardt family through the 1920s and 1940s as they discover taboo sex!

In “Golden Age Taboo 1: Flapper’s First Time” Georgina loses her virginity to her brother.

In “Golden Age Taboo 2: No Guilt Tonight” Georgina gets intimate with her father, including sweet anal love.

In “Golden Age Taboo 3: Group Performance” Georgina and her mother participate in an all-out orgy for rough gangsters and dad ends up joining in.

In “Golden Age Taboo 4: Off to War” Georgina seduces her stepson Timothy and becomes his first woman before he joins the Marines.

In “Golden Age Taboo 5: Our Hero’s Welcome” Georgina and her daughter visit Timothy after he’s wounded in battle and cheer him up with a threesome.


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