Alone with stepbrother in a tent at night #erotica

Here is the situation: this is a story that was published eons ago but Amazon thought it was too hot for them and blocked it. So it ended up being published on the other retail websites and it resulted in a quick death for this book which happens to be one of my favorites.

Several years, I gave it away on Christmas morning to all my fans. So you may have read it already when it was called “Under the Taboo Tent”. But I have a plan!

I’m setting this book F-R-E-E until Thursday night (March 2) so act quickly and snag it 🙂

F-R-E-E Book!

Starry Nights Taboo

Starry Nights Taboo

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Step-siblings Amanda and Donovan have to share a tent in the backyard for a few days while the house is being fumigated.

The 18-year-old girl decides it won’t be so bad after all, but during the first night she wakes up to find her stepbrother stroking himself. She’s disgusted at first but eventually she gets turned on. VERY turned on…

This leads to watching each other, maybe even some touching. But is she ready to lose her virginity to her big brother?


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