Keeping the flame alive in a TABOO way #erotica

This story was a hoot to write. Two sisters in the rural South, a drawling boyfriend, and fantasies bubbling to the surface…

Less than a buck until Friday morning 🙂

Less than a buck

Girly Games

Girly Games: Taboo Trio

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It’s summer in the South. Ashley and Bobby Jon are about to get married but he’s worried about the future. How can they keep the excitement alive, especially since they’ve been together four years already? Ashley suggests living out their secret fantasies.

For Bobby Jon it’s easy, it involves performing anal. But for Ashley it’s much more taboo: she wants to do it with Janalyn, her STEPSISTER!

Can the three of them have a threesome, again playing those girly games like before, without destroying their relationship?

Find out in this funny and romantic story…


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