For science, money… and TABOO! #erotica

A stepsister’s love knows no bounds when her big brother is in dire straits!

Less than a buck until Friday morning 🙂

Less than a buck

Her Sweet Taboo Hands

Her Sweet Taboo Hands

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I was taken aback when I learned that my stepbrother Noah burned his hands in an accident, but I was positively shocked when he asked my help to squeeze out a donation at the sperm bank!

Fallen on hard times, my brother doesn’t have a choice but to use his status as a world-class athlete to secure a lucrative deal with a fertility clinic. And his last chance rests on me, on my ability to make him explode hard into a plastic cup.

Even more surprising is how much I like it! It awakens something inside of me and all of a sudden I want to do a lot more with my helpless big brother…


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