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Touch Me There

Touch Me There: His Taboo Needs

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My 18-year-old adopted daughter Aida remarks that I haven’t been dating since my divorce. More than that, she wonders who has been taking care of my intimate needs. I tell her that she shouldn’t speak that way to me but she’s just so beautiful and seductive…

So it comes as a shock when she offers to take care of my needs HERSELF!

I refuse to cross this forbidden line, of course – she’s my daughter – but she insists and drops to her knees in front of me. When she pulls me out, I’m not sure I can resist anymore…


“So, daddy?”

“At my age, physical looks aren’t that important,” I answered in a rather diplomatic tone, I decided.

“Is that a way of saying that you’re not picky these days?” She had me there and she knew it. I burst out laughing and so did she. “So you would be open to just about any woman then?”

“Well, not any woman. We’d have to be compatible, able to get along, you know.”

“Like me?”

“What do you mean?”

She put her head on my shoulder and grinned. “We get along you and me, right, daddy? We’re compatible.”

“What are you saying?”

“I could help you,” she whispered. “With your needs, I could help you.”

Before I knew it, her hand was caressing my face and slowly going down, her fingers tracing circles across my broad chest. And going farther down…

“Aida, what are you doing?”


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