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Taboo Candy Cane

Taboo Candy Cane

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It’s been years since Candy has been close to her stepbrother Jacob. They had a taboo affair together in high school and he moved away to London when she made things stop between them.

But now they’re reunited on Christmas, along with her fiance Russ. So it’s not awkward, promising not to have any secrets from him, Candy reveals her experience with her brother, also mentioning that she still yearns for him.

Instead of being angry, Russ is intrigued. And turned on! So he gives her permission to sleep with her brother again… as long as he can join in as well!


Such a loving man deserved so much more than just to be a voyeur, I decided.

Even as I enjoyed the steady drilling Jacob continued to give me, I shot my hand up at him and my stepbrother stopped.

“What’s wrong, little sister?”

“How about we make this more interesting? Like, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been putting on a show. Maybe we ought to make it more interactive.”

“You want to make it a three way?”

I nodded.

“My sister really is into it,” he said with a smile, obviously approving of my suggestion.

Sliding out of me, Jacob stood and I looked over to Russ. “Come on over, babe.”

The competition was between me and his hand. It wasn’t much of a debate for Russ who was more than happy to come my way. Sliding off the bed, I had both men in front of me, both were standing at attention, and I took it as my duty to take care of them.

“What are you gonna do?” Russ asked, halfway between curiosity and nervousness.

“I’m gonna have fun.”


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