Fling between wrestling siblings #erotica

Sometimes you write a story and you get to learn about something in the process. That was the case here since I had to learn about wrestling to make it believable as brother and sister turn playfulness into sexiness. And I apologize in advance if I got the wrestling techniques wrong!

Let's Get Ready to Taboo

Let’s Get Ready to Taboo: Wrestling at Home

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Charlotte is tired of her stepbrother Owen watching wrestling on TV, it’s so stupid to watch grown men play acting this way. So Owen decides to show his sister what wrestling is really about.

But when he tackles her to the ground, she feels a familiar tingling between her legs and she instinctively starts rubbing against him. She knows she shouldn’t, it’s not allowed, it’s too TABOO! But she can’t help herself.

That’s when Owen begins to grind back against HIS SISTER!


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