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houseguests 2

Houseguests 2: Taboo First Times (virgin niece and nephew)

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It’s been such an adventure having my stepbrother Willis visiting this week. First we slept together for the first time in 25 years and now he’s about to take my adopted daughter’s virginity!

It’s an honor to be there for my 18-year-old baby girl Blair, being asked to help as uncle pops her cherry. It gets me all worked up but I shouldn’t get involved, should I?

Besides, there’s also my nephew Rudy to think about. What will I do with him, especially after I catch him pleasuring himself in the garage?!

If my brother takes care of my daughter, perhaps I could take care of my nephew…


“You’re sure about this?”

“Totally, mommy.”

“And you?” I asked my brother.

“Whatever makes her comfortable. It’s rather exciting, actually.”

“All right, then yes. Of course! Have you decided when you want to do this?”

My daughter rolled her eyes. “Well now, duh!”

She walked past me into my room and headed to the bed. I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm. I saw that Willis reacted the same way, fascinated and yet not shocked by the teenager’s eagerness.

“Yeah?” I whispered to him to make sure he was really on board.

“Absolutely, little sister. Let’s make this a great day for her. Come on.”

It was his turn to enter the room and I knew this was real when I saw my brother was unbuttoning his shirt. The heat returned between my thighs!

“Come here,” Willis whispered to my daughter.

He pulled her to him and leaned down to kiss her. She hesitated at first, undoubtedly remembering that this was her uncle, but as he cupped her face, Blair closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch.

She moaned softly and let herself be caressed. Soon she was pressing her body against my brother, hugging him back in return as she made out with him.

I could have looked at this scene forever but I had work to do. I stripped down the bed and I also closed the blinds just to make sure there wouldn’t be any prying eyes.


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