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Guardian Angel Taboo

Guardian Angel Taboo

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My life is going downhill fast. I have no money, no hope, and worst of all no man in my life. But that’s when I meet Salina my actual guardian angel!

Naturally, I’m doubtful at first but she’s really an angel and when she enters my body she makes me do something I never would have done on my own – she makes me seduce my own STEPBROTHER.

From there, my life becomes a whirlwind of emotions, from the taboo of the forbidden situation to the amazing pleasure my alpha brother is giving me.


“You never wondered why I always picked on you so much?” he asked.

“Sometimes,” I shrugged. “I just thought you hated me.”

“I just didn’t want anyone, especially you, to see through the charade. You think I wanted our parents to know I was lusting after my stepsister?”

“I didn’t want anyone to know, either,” I admitted. “I figured people would think I was crazy or gross.”

Make your move, Salina urged me. Come onto him.

I shook my head at her. I may have admitted my feelings to him, but I still wasn’t forward enough to just throw myself at him.

Do it! Lean over and kiss him!

I wanted to. I really did. But I was just too nervous to make the first move. I wanted him to do it.

All right, you asked for it.

I felt the whoosh of air, and suddenly I had flung myself at him and my lips were pressed against his.

Salina was at it again, and I was angry for a moment, but he responded by wrapping his arms around me and pushing his tongue into my mouth, and I quickly forgave her intrusion.

I felt myself maneuver my body to face him, throwing one leg over his lap to straddle him without breaking our kiss. I could feel the passion surging through him as he entwined his tongue with mine, his hands exploring my body.

His member was already starting to harden. I could feel it pressing between my legs, and a jolt of heat rushed there. Wetness began to soak into my panties.


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