Revisiting taboo memories with stepbrother #erotica

Okay, this will go down as one of the best stories I’ve ever written. Are you ready?

It’s actually in three parts (it’s longer than usual, don’t worry). Each story (released over three weeks) can be read on its own but of course it’s best if you read everything. And if you want to wait, I will bundle all three stories, but that won’t be for several months.

In the meantime, prepare for VERY hot scenes between brother and sister and mother and daughter…


Houseguests 1: Our Taboo Memories

In The Series
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I love my stepbrother Willis but I hadn’t realized how much I missed him. In town for our 25-year high school reunion, memories come flooding back. Taboo memories.

Willis was the one who took my virginity when I was 18 and now I can’t stop thinking about that amazing summer we had!

It gets me thinking: wouldn’t he be the perfect choice to pop my adopted daughter’s cherry? This is what is going through my mind as I rekindle my forbidden love with my brother in the gazebo.

And then I tell him about the special lesbian relationship I have with my daughter. Maybe we could make this a family affair…


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