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Taboo Wrecking Crew

Taboo Wrecking Crew

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In order to take a break after his divorce, Vic visits his brother on the West Coast for the week. But on the first night, Greg’s 18-year-old stepdaughter shows up to seduce her uncle.

Vic wants to resist but she’s just so beautiful and willing to do ANYTHING with him. His resolve soon crumbles…

And that’s when Greg catches them in the act! Is he going to be mad or is he going to join in?


“Are you hard, uncle Vic?”

It was a scorcher out here and I was sleeping in the nude. The thin bed sheet barely covered my crotch and I knew she could see the outline of my manhood.

“Brooke, that’s inappropriate to say.”

“Is it? I don’t think so, it’s just an observation. Like, if you said you thought my nipples were hard, that wouldn’t be inappropriate because it’s true. See?”

She put a fingertip against one of her nipples, tracing a circle around it, and I swallowed dryly. It was like she had pencil erasers poking out of her shirt. It made me conscious of her tiny frame, her hips gently flaring out and therefore highlighting her tiny little rear.

“Jeez, Brooke… Go back to bed.”

She brought a hand down, putting her index finger against my bare chest. She ran it down my hot skin, going over my pecs, heading toward my pelvis. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move!

Her eyes were riveted to my girth as it got harder and harder. The blanket was rising along with my shaft, making a tent, and I just didn’t know what to do. Logically, I needed to push her away and forget the whole thing. Yet I couldn’t, I was frozen.

I was aroused!

“You really are hard, aren’t you? Is it from looking at me, uncle Vic? Do you like looking at my young body?”


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