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No Tell Motel

No Tell Motel: Our Unexpected Taboo

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Halfway through a long drive, Rebecca and her handsome stepbrother Alex stop at a motel for the night. There’s only one problem, they have to share the bed.

It’s all right, Rebecca is 18 now and she can be mature about things. In fact, things are going well until they decide to watch an adult pay-per-view movie. You know, just for giggles.

Suddenly, neither of them can hold back the growing lust! Will they only touch themselves under the bed sheets or will the siblings go ALL THE WAY together?


Alex took a step toward me until he was only a foot away.

“The truth is that last night was one of the best moments of my life. I’ve always found you hot and what we did together, even though I couldn’t see much of you, it was amazing. Feeling you next to me, your head on my chest? Man…”

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed.

“Are you shocked? Were you expecting me to apologize?”

“No, I’m just shocked that you feel the same way I do.”


I nodded timidly and bit my bottom lip. “I never expected things to go this far last night but it’s was so great.”

He stared into my eyes and it was like I was the only woman on the planet. I could feel his body heat washing over me. I was drenched again in a flash.

“So you’re not ashamed? You’re not disgusted that we’re brother and sister?”

I shook my head. “All I’m thinking about is how to convince you to do it again with me. In fact, that movie we rented, it’s good for 24 hours, right? We could get into bed and do it again. We could watch it all the way through this time.”

“What if…” he said as he came closer still, my chest almost touching his. “What if we did the real thing instead, sis?”

“The real thing?”

“We don’t have to check out until noon. This is an anonymous motel room in Virginia or North Carolina or wherever it is we are. No one will ever know about it.”

I swallowed and realized he was holding my hands in his. My mound was on fire.


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want to do the real thing with you, Alex. I want to do everything with you.”

He placed one hand on my waist and I started creaming my panties right away!


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