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House Arrest: Taboo Choices

House Arrest: Taboo Choices

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This holiday weekend sucks. All my friends are gone and my parents left me alone with my stepbrother Chase. He’s under house arrest for grand theft auto. So I’m stuck with him. For three days.

But when I catch him pleasuring himself in my room with MY OWN panties, I realize something shocking: he has a thing for me!

Should I be disgusted? Is it wrong that I’m feeling something moist between my thighs?


“And you want me, right, big brother?”

He glanced at me but didn’t deny it this time.

I was wondering what to say next when I caught some movement. Chase was immobile but his towel shifted just a smidge. Was he getting hard again?

It was spellbinding! I was warming up to this taboo idea. It probably had something to do with how aroused I was and the fact that there was no one in my life currently. It didn’t matter, I was a teenager and I had to follow my animal instincts. I could feel my undies getting soaked through right now.

“Is it cheerleaders that you fantasize about or me specifically?”

“Tanya, I’m sorry. Let’s pretend nothing happened, all right?”

His avoiding the question was very revealing. I kept staring at his member pushing against the terrycloth.

“What if you could have both, Chase? What if you could have a real cheerleader and your sister?”

He looked up at me. “What?”

It was now or never. I made my move. I came forward and put my hand directly between his legs. What I felt was so big that it could have been a horse’s dong.

“All you have to do is promise to keep this between us.”

“What’s going on, Tanya?” he whispered, not moving an inch. “What are you doing?”

“It’s gonna be our secret.”


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