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My Taboo Confession

My Taboo Confession

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I spent years keeping these feelings bottled up. But I can’t anymore. I need to tell daddy how much I need him, how much I want him to ravage me hard!

So I’m writing him a letter to confess all my taboo fantasies, what I’ve done, what I imagine him doing to me.

I hope it will make him understand that there’s nothing wrong with seducing his little girl.


Dear daddy,

This is my taboo confession. I’m writing you this letter because my therapist suggested it. I don’t know if I will ever send it to you though. Most likely, I’ll read it over and over again late at night, touching myself at the same time, in the process reliving all these fantasies I’ve had about you.

Yes, this is that kind of confession.

As you can understand, I feel ashamed about it. That’s why I’m going to a therapist in the first place. No ordinary person can go through life with these thoughts going through their head without feeling conflicted somehow. So I searched online – for months – and finally decided I had to do something about it.

Thankfully, my therapist isn’t judgmental. She told me from our first meeting that I could tell her anything and I believe her. From the way she looked at me at first, I swear I could tell that she’s had those thoughts about her own father as well. That was really encouraging.

She said that I’m lucky, you’re only my stepdad. This puts a lot less awkwardness on my feelings. Never mind that you’ve been in my life as long as I can remember, we’re not related by blood so society puts less emphasis on this taboo.

Yet, that doesn’t do much to ease my mind.

Let me cut right to the chase, daddy: I have a thing for you. No, I can’t tiptoe around and mince my words. You turn me on. When I close my eyes and think about the perfect man, I think of my dad.

I think of you!

How did it start? Oh man, my therapist has asked me this every time I see her and I never know how to reply to this question. After all my sessions, I can safely say that it wasn’t one big moment that made me fall in love with you. Instead it was a series of small events which snowballed into this pure lust that I have inside of me.


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