Nothing but family orgies! #erotica

No, I won’t give you time to breathe. After the scorching stories from last week, today I’m bringing you a collection that must be seen to be believed. Ten stories of group family fun!

Now, these are older books so there’s a chance you already have them. But if you’re missing only one it will be worth it to you. Enjoy…

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

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Sometimes one family member isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than just daddy to take care of your needs. Sometimes you need a whole bunch of family members to make all your fantasies come true!

This collection contains 10 SCORCHING stories about taboo group swinging, family-style. They are:

CumSwapping Sisters aka Trailer Park Intimacy
Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy aka Getting Preggers Taboo-Style Again
Sharing Wet Sisters aka Sharing is Caring
Our Daughter in Our Bed aka Our Precious Girl in Our Bed
The Forbidden Taboo 2
The Forbidden Taboo 6
The Forbidden Taboo 8
The Forbidden Taboo 9
My Stepdaughter, The Nympho aka Everyone at Home is Fair Game
Taking the Stripper Twins aka Identical Dancers Taboo


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