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Tag Team Taboo

Tag Team Taboo

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In LA for business, Ted finds himself talking to young phenom Sapphira Oreck, the new Hollywood IT girl. He hits it off with the 19-year-old and he invites her to the luxury yacht he chartered for the weekend. She accepts.

But she brings her stepmom along!

Ted is crestfallen but then he discovers the two women sunbathing topless together. Suddenly they seem a lot closer than he would’ve thought.

They might actually be close enough to have a THREESOME together…


I didn’t care about her past or what she had done. The only thing that was important was that she was making me feel good.

Really good.

This wasn’t some romantic lovemaking that we were doing. She was chasing an orgasm and with the pent-up needs I had it wouldn’t be long for me either. We were using each other to reach our goals and I had no problems with that.

Out of the blue, the door opened and Catherine walked in, closing the door afterwards. She was also still topless.

“Well well well, you guys are having fun!”

I stopped moving immediately, looking from Sapphira to her mother and back again. I was filled with panic. Stranger still was the teenager who didn’t even slow down.

“Hey, mom.”

What in the living hell was going on?! Shouldn’t Sapphira stop? Shouldn’t I? Why wasn’t Catherine scandalized? And why was the young girl not flabbergasted at her mom walking in on her?

“Is he doing a good job, sweetheart?”

“He’s hard as steel, mom.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Totally and I’m super close to exploding!”

Catherine came closer, to the side of the bed. “I can see that. Mind if I stay and watch?”

“You know how I love it when you watch me get plowed, mommy.”


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