Hot #SundaySample – Taboo in the Bleachers #erotica

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Taboo in the Bleachers

Taboo in the Bleachers

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In the middle of a football game, 18-year-old cheerleader Jodie runs up the bleachers before sitting on her daddy’s lap. And she doesn’t stop there.

She dry-humps him until he shoots in his pants… in public!

That means she’s into him, right? That’s what her father thinks and so he comes back later when she’s alone to seduce her properly…


“Jodie, you should sit next to me now.”

“No, I’m fine right here, daddy. I love sitting on your lap.”


“I’m staying put,” she said. “We don’t do enough father-daughter stuff together anymore.”

Right then, she rolled her hips and I just about lost my mind. There was nothing innocent about what she had just done. She had rubbed my crotch!

“Jodie, really. Please stop.”

Instead, she did it again. Ever so gently, she put her hands on my knees to get leverage and she began to rock her hips.

“Isn’t it great, daddy?”

“I know what you’re doing, pumpkin,” I whispered, terrified that people around us would notice, though no one did. “I don’t understand what’s going through your head right now but this is wrong, okay?”

“Don’t you like it?” she asked, bringing her lips so close to my ear that her warm breath made my nostrils flare.

“That’s not the point. You can’t do that to your dad.”

“I love you and I know it feels good. It feels good for the both of us, trust me.”

And with that, she accelerated. I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was dry-humping me!


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