Hot #SundaySample – That Sweet Pink Paradise

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That Sweet Pink Paradise

That Sweet Pink Paradise

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Jordan’s stepfather is rich but somehow her lifestyle doesn’t reflect this. She has no car, no spending money, none of the latest gadgets. During a sleepover, her cousin Brandi says she has a trick for that.

All she has to do is seduce and humiliate her daddy!

And so begins a scorching scheme where the two 18-year-olds take it upon themselves to make Clay theirs even if they have to resort to blackmail.


Dad looked up. “Hey. I thought you guys had gone to bed.”

“We did but then we started feeling sexy, especially dressed like this. Do you like our outfits, uncle Clay?”

By now we were standing a couple of feet across the desk. Brandi twirled to show herself off. I had to admit that she was breathtaking. Aside from her plump chest which turned heads everywhere she went, she had beautifully tanned legs and hips that flared out to show off her rear.

“It’s great,” he said distractedly.

“And what about Jordan? Do you think she looks hot too?”

“Brandi, what the…” I pleaded.

She would have none of it and stood behind me to show me off, like I was a prize on The Price is Right. I especially didn’t feel really hot right now. My hair was in a ponytail and the only thing I was wearing was an oversized T-shirt, also Harvard. It was one of daddy’s in fact.

“Doesn’t she have great legs, uncle Clay?”

She lifted the T-shirt until it was barely covering my crotch. I saw my father gulp and he had trouble keeping his eyes off of me.

Things were about to heat up between the three of us…


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