Hot #SundaySample – Hot Sticky Nights #erotica

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Hot Sticky Nights

Hot Sticky Nights

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Ashlynn wakes up with cum on her body. Did somebody jerk off over her while she was sleeping?

That’s impossible, in the house there are only her daddy and brother who could do this!

Even though at first she’s confused, it soon turns her on to think about the men in her family doing this to her. What if tonight she stayed awake to see what really happens when she sleeps?

And what if she turned the tables and made them have their way with her?!


I was certain dad was about to wake me up in order to tell me something. But that’s when I noticed he had a hand on his crotch.

He was stroking himself! What was going on?!

He bent down and rummaged through my discarded clothes. He picked up my worn panties and pulled them to his face.

“Hmmm…” he moaned as he inhaled deeply.

I was mortified. Daddy was smelling my panties? He was rubbing himself at the same time?

A million thoughts tumbled through my head. I wanted to bolt upright, to tell my stepfather to get out of here. I needed to tell him how what he was doing was wrong and perverted. I could call the cops on him!

But before I could act, I tried to think more sensibly. He was actually a great man, friendly, kind, generous. He provided for me – for the whole family. As shallow as it sounds, I didn’t want to lose the lifestyle to which I had become accustomed.

So what if he got his rocks off doing something kinky like this? Who was I to judge what dad was doing?

His eyes were devouring me. He swiped his gaze from my head down to my toes. It was kind of hot to be desired like this, to be honest.


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