Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Christmas Morning

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Taboo Christmas Morning

Taboo Christmas Morning

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On Christmas morning, Howard wakes up to find his stepdaughter sucking him off while his wife is sleeping.

She says it’s his Christmas present, that since she turned 18 last week she can now get plowed by daddy like she always wanted to.

He tries to resist but it might prove difficult when she starts playing with herself and talking dirty.


I grinned when I realized I was getting a hummer. It had been almost a year since the last time, so it was a miracle I could still remember what it felt like. My wife had decided to be naughty this Christmas? It was definitely something I could live with.

“Yeah, that’s it…” I whispered.

I looked down and indeed saw there was a head between my legs covered by the bed sheets. It moved rhythmically and matched the suction I was feeling.

I stretched my arms sideways, wanting to get the most out of this but my hand bumped into something. I glanced to my right and my heart stopped when I saw that my wife was sound asleep next to me.

If my wife was sleeping, then who was sucking me off?!

I bolted upright and yanked off the blankets, making sure it wouldn’t disrupt my wife. Kneeling between my legs and bent forward was my 18-year-old stepdaughter Allie.

“Oh geez!”

“Hey, daddy,” she whispered, smirking mischievously while still holding my rod.


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