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Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out

Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out

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Why is daddy getting hard while he’s hugging his stepdaughters this Thanksgiving?

The two sisters Ember and Alisa find themselves intrigued when mom informs them that their stepfather is on an experimental drug that makes him horny and inappropriate.

Left alone with him one evening, the two brats decide to push the limits and see how far they can go with daddy and how much taboo pleasure they can have together!


Our father said, “I always loved when you dress like this.”

My sister and I shared another private giggle. Mom was right, he truly said inappropriate things while on his medication.

“Oh yeah, daddy?” Alisa again. “Did you always get this hard watching us in these outfits?”

“Sis, what the eff?!”

Thankfully, my voice was barely above a whisper. She ignored me.

“You have no idea, baby.”

“Is that right?” my sister said, turning toward dad. “Did you jack off a lot thinking about us growing up?”

“Y-Yes. So many times I pictured the two of you.”

Alisa leaned back against the counter and my eyes were riveted to her. She was having fun while I was mortified that she was taking this too far. She had some cranberry jelly on her fingers and she idly began to suck one clean.

“When you were thinking about us, were we naked, daddy?”

He nodded and his right hand shot to his crotch. He stroked himself lazily. He had to know that this was wrong but he couldn’t help himself.

“Tell me, daddy. What other fantasies did you have about us?”

His eyes widened as if it hadn’t occurred to him that this could be a two-way street. His hand moved a little faster over his bulge.


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