Hot #SundaySample – I Won’t Say No Tonight

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I Won't Say No Tonight

I Won’t Say No Tonight

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Daddy is feeling down these days and Lacey knows it’s because of his recent separation. At first, her goal is to cheer him up but soon her fantasies bubble to the surface.

She remembers how wet she’s always been thinking about her stepdad!

So on a hot summer night in his tiny trailer, she decides it’s time to seduce him…


“I’m not ready to start dating again,” he said, his voice frail as he did a token effort to switch rails in the discussion.

“I never said anything about dating, daddy. That’s old school. You don’t have to do the whole dating charade to have fun anymore.”

“You don’t?”

He was humoring me but I wasn’t offended. At this point, I was willing to take whatever I could get.

“There are hook-up sites, apps, and someone as handsome as you would have no trouble finding a girl in any bar.”

He was about to reply but chose to finish his drink. At the same time, I scooted closer to him and as I turned I raised my arm to the back of the couch. His gaze instantly fell to the side of my ample boobs.


He rearranged himself and next to my finger on his leg I sensed some movement. His shorts were shifting and I realized he was getting stiff from our conversation.

“You know, daddy, all my friends keep telling me how hot you are.”

This genuinely surprised him. “They do?”

“Uh-huh. They say how you’re so masculine, like the Marlboro Man. One time we had this sleepover and we started fooling around, you know, just touching ourselves under the covers, and we played this game. We had to tell what we were thinking about at night. Everybody said they were thinking about you.”

“We need to stop this, pumpkin. Let’s talk about something else, okay?”

I leaned closer and let my hand go up his thigh. “Don’t you want to know what I was fantasizing about during this game, daddy?”


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