Hot #SundaySample – Heidi and the Bratwurst

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Heidi and the Bratwurst

Heidi and the Bratwurst: A Taboo Brat Story

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Staying with her uncle in Germany for Oktoberfest, 18-year-old Heidi comes home late, drunk, and HORNY.

When uncle Dieter catches her pleasuring herself with a sausage in the kitchen, he decides he needs to punish her with some rough sex.


I was writhing on the chair, my legs kicking as I pleasured myself with the meat.

Yes, just a little more…

“What do you think you’re doing, little girl?”

I opened my eyes and froze. Standing before me was uncle Dieter. He was bare-chested, wearing only pale blue pajama bottoms and slippers. My first thought was that he looked pretty good for a guy in his 40s, his muscles rippling just enough for someone who wasn’t a bodybuilder.

Oh man, why was I thinking about this?! I was half naked with a bratwurst in me!

I pulled the sausage out, tossed it behind me on the kitchen table, and rapidly closed my legs, smoothing down my skirt.

“Uncle Dieter, I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry? You’re sorry? Sorry for what?”

I stammered. “I… uh…”

“Are you sorry that you’re a bad little girl? Or are you sorry that you got caught?”

“Uncle Dieter, I…”

“Shut up! I need to decide what to do with you. Do you think I should tell your parents?”


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