Hot #SundaySample – Good Kind of Sore

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Good Kind of Sore: The Misbehaving Taboo Brat

Good Kind of Sore: The Misbehaving Taboo Brat

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Daddy is a big man, all muscles and attitude. And now he’s about to punish me because I had a party at home!

Is it weird that I get turned on by him spanking me? Is he going to notice and take me hard right here on the floor?


“You like this, don’t you? You’re one of those people who actually like getting spanked.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Yes, you are. Let’s see…”

He forced my thighs open and he used both hands to spread my cheeks. I was mortified but once again pleasure mounted within me. What was wrong with me?

“Daddy, please…”

“I’ll be damned! You’re getting wet. You’re drenched. I knew you were a slut like your mom!”

He spanked me another time before taking hold of my butt, squeezing harshly.

“I’m not, I can’t help it…”

“I’ll show you what happens to bad girls like you, Addison. Here, what do you think of this?”

He reached between my legs…


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