Hot #SundaySample – Watch and Learn: Teaching the Brat

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Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn: Teaching the Brat

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Troy is getting blown in the living room and it feels great. He just met Madge in a bar and she invited him home. He’s looking forward to ravaging her all night.

And that’s when he notices that her 18-year-old daughter Sierra is spying on them!

At first he finds it strange but then he realizes Madge is getting turned on by having her VIRGIN daughter watching.

Feeling mischievous, Troy invites the teenager over to watch and learn. Maybe if he plays his cards right she’ll invite him to pop her cherry!


There was a shadow just outside the living room. It was moving.

“Madge…” She looked up at me but didn’t stop sucking. “Madge, I think there’s somebody in the house. Somebody is watching us.”

She finally let go but she went on jacking me off. “It’s probably my daughter, she likes to spy on me sometimes.”

“Your daughter? Jeez…”

“It’s okay, Sierra’s 18. She’s curious by nature.”

She resumed blowing me, fondling my balls at the same time. It felt insanely good but all I could think about was how strange it was that not only we were being observed but that Madge clearly didn’t care.

But no, that wasn’t right. She did care. In fact, it was as if the temperature in her mouth had gone up at least ten degrees and she was going faster.

“You like this!” I whispered. “You’re getting turned on knowing that your own daughter is watching us!”

Again, Madge fellated me with more intensity and it answered my concern. Oh man, was I dreaming? Was this really happening? It had been a fantasy of mine to be with a mother and daughter since the first time I had jerked off. It was every man’s fantasy!

On top of that, the movement I’d seen couldn’t be mistaken. The teenager wasn’t just spying, she was touching herself at the same time…

I wasn’t stupid, I knew there was an opportunity here and I had to take advantage of it. Madge was horny. She was desperate for it and she had a submissive streak. I was in charge of my destiny tonight.

“Sierra,” I called loudly. “Come over here.”

It took a few seconds but a figure finally came out of the shadows, walking slowly toward us.


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