Hot #SundaySample – Spying Brat in the Nudist Camp

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Spying Brat in the Nudist Camp

Spying Brat in the Nudist Camp

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Audrina is a beautiful 18-year-old spending her last summer vacation before college at a nudist camp with her parents. It’s okay, they’ve been doing it for years.

But tonight something is different. She catches her parents having shameless sex and she can’t help but touch herself!

What will happen when mom and dad catch her? Will they be mad? Or will they invite her to discuss their feelings and have her join in?


As dad sat down next to us and mom told him about our conversation, I realized this may have been a mistake. Maybe some things should remain a secret. But it was too late, my mother was telling him how I’d been trying to spy on them for years, fantasizing about having sex with daddy.

My heart stopped, I couldn’t judge my stepfather’s reaction.

He said, “You can’t possibly know how happy I am you feel this way, sweetie.”

“You are, daddy?”

“Oh yes. You’re so beautiful and to know that me and your mother turn you on it’s… wow.”

Suddenly, I noticed there was a twinkle in my mother’s eye. “I was thinking…”


“Would you be interested in taking things to the next level?”

I gulped. “How do you mean?”

“Would you like to have sex with your dad?”

I looked between them, my eyes darting back and forth. “Are you guys serious?”

“Look, you can forget we said anything and–”

“No!” I interrupted. “I mean, if you’re serious I would absolutely love to.”

Both my parents smiled widely. They each took one of my hands and in that moment we had this powerful emotional bond, pure love.

“Can we do it now?”

“Now isn’t soon enough,” daddy said.


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