Hot #SundaySample – Close-Knit 1: First Time Brat

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Close-Knit 1: First Time Brat

Close-Knit 1: First Time Brat

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“Who better to teach her the ropes than her own sister?”

Amber Jade and her husband Brody are alone, his mom being on a cruise and therefore unavailable to have sex with them. What should they do?

What about Shae, Amber Jade’s little stepsister? She’s 18, looks younger, and she’s a virgin!

Find out how they seduce the barely legal vixen and turn her into a raging slut…


“That’s how it works with swingers, sis. We don’t kiss and tell. We keep our adventures to ourselves, that way we build trust and we can continue doing what we love.”

“We never say anything to anyone,” I said from the other couch.

“Do you trust me?” Amber Jade asked, holding her little sister’s hands in hers.


“And do you want to have sex with us?”

There was no hesitation this time. “Yes.”

The blonde smiled and closed the gap between them. She put her mouth against Shae’s and kissed her. It was light at first but my sister-in-law quickly warmed up to it. She closed her eyes and parted her lips.

The two siblings were genuinely making out!

I stayed put and watched. I had a hand on my crotch, rubbing unhurriedly as to not blow my wad too soon.

“Do you want to stop?” Amber Jade asked.

Shae shook her head.

“Do you like it?”


“Do you want to do more?”


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