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Golden Age Taboo 3

Golden Age Taboo 3: Group Performance

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Once a prominent New York family, the Lenhardts are now feeling the effects of the Great Depression. It’s 1930 and Theodore’s only source of employment comes from bootleggers.

And the mob has the offer of a lifetime for him: if daughter Georgina and her adopted mother put on a sex show for some VIPs, they will be provided for all their lives.

Mary never thought she would have so much fun playing with her daughter in public. She certainly never thought it would turn into an all-out orgy!


How could they have fallen so low that they had to resort to selling their bodies in order to ensure their survival? It was a hefty blow to the ego.

On the other hand, she was the first to admit they weren’t a conventional family. It had been a difficult time when they had discovered that Georgina had slept with her brother, that they had conceived a child together, but this was behind them.

Mary was even on board with the idea of Georgina sleeping with Theodore, she had been ever since she had found them in bed together. It took a few weeks for everyone to stop feeling embarrassed but everything had changed when Mary had wholeheartedly invited her daughter to share her husband.

To be absolutely honest with herself, it aroused her like nothing else. The nights where Theodore took both women at once were the best Mary had ever known. She was thrilled beyond words when she played with herself as she watched Theodore plow into their 22-year-old daughter. It was a most precious bond.

Every time they did this, which was more and more frequent, Mary wanted to go one step further and introduce her daughter to the joys of sapphic lovemaking. Yet, she never found the courage to cross that line for fear that she would be rejected.

She was rather certain that Georgina wanted to do this as well but she wasn’t yet willing to risk her daughter’s love for it.

Nonetheless, this might be the opportunity to make her wildest dreams come true!

Of course, this came with the caveat that it would happen in front of a roomful of strangers, that some men would have sex with them too. Was it worth it?


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