Hot #SundaySample – I’m Your Man Now

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I’m Your Man Now

I’m Your Man Now

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Farrah is an independent divorcee, beautiful and mature. She’s used to being single and taking care of her own sexual needs in the shower.

As she gets out of the bathroom, she finds her hunky stepson in the house. He’s drunk, assertive, and he wants to have sex WITH HER! He wants to be her man.

It’s stupid, she knows it’s wrong, but his take-charge attitude is exciting her. Would it be so bad if she let him have rough sex with her? Will the hot MILF surrender her ass too like he demands?


While staring into my eyes, he brought the pink toy to his face. He inhaled it, shocking me to my core!

“You smell great, mom.”


He took a step closer and I was overwhelmingly conscious of his body heat. I hadn’t been this close to a man in a long time and I despised how it made me feel. It was giving me goose bumps!

“You need a man in your life,” he growled, putting a hand on my bare shoulder. “You need somebody to take care of you, of your needs. No little mail-order product is gonna do that for you.”

I hated that he was speaking the truth and I hated being reminded of it. I had started making my peace with being alone, of taking care of my own needs, but being so close to him made my hormones spike. Breathing in his manly scent, feeling his body heat, I was no longer looking at him as my son.

No, he was a man!


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