Hot #Sample – Obey Taboo Urges

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Obey Taboo Urges

Obey Taboo Urges

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===Includes BONUS story by Saffron Daughter===

Would you have a threesome with your son and stepdaughter if it could save their lives?

Jerry gets a mysterious phone call: there’s a sniper on his family, the house is rigged with explosives. The only way to survive is to obey orders, even if it means crossing the forbidden taboo.

Will he balk at having sex with his 18-year-old stepdaughter and her brother? And what if there were more secrets to discover?


I no longer thought about how wrong this was but I saw Madison as a grown woman. I hadn’t dated anyone in almost a year and maybe I was in withdrawal. I chose to believe this to explain my conflicting feelings.

“You’re a sick bastard,” I said.

“You have no idea, Jerry. Have your daughter turn onto her back. You will see her nude body and she will masturbate for the two of you.”

“No way!”

“You know what the alternative is. Would you prefer the bomb to go off?”

Madison flipped on her back and put a hand on my forearm. “It’s all right, daddy. We have to do this, better get it over with.”

Her courage again nearly broke my heart. I wanted to tell her everything would be okay, that she didn’t have to do this, that I would find a way to resolve this situation, but there simply wasn’t a way.

She opened her legs and she brought a hand to her apex. I wanted to look away but I discovered that I couldn’t. She placed her hand on the mound and her middle finger delved in between the folds which to my astonishment were damp.

“Ugh…” she sighed.

She rubbed her slit up and down and all the while she was looking at me. This was strange but I figured she was blaming me or pleading for me to find a way to save her. All this time, she continued to play with herself, going faster. With her other hand, she rubbed lazy circles on her taut stomach and even caressed her breasts.

“How are you guys holding up?” the caller asked. “You’re getting excited, aren’t you?”


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