Hot Taboo #Sample – Our Special Relationship

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Our Special Relationship

Our Special Relationship

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Young Suelyn is fingering herself openly in the living room, anything to make the babysitting gig go faster. She’s so close to cumming, especially since she’s fantasizing about her stepdad!

And that’s when she gets caught by aunt Alyssa!

Instead of being mad though, the older woman decides to tell her niece about her own experiences with her stepbrother growing up. The two women soon get worked up and can’t stay away from each other.

But what if Horace stumbled upon them? His stepdaughter and his SISTER! Would he dare join them for a threesome? Was this planned all along?


“I want to talk about what I heard. Do you really have a sexual fantasy about your father?”

“Oh God…” I mumbled, burying my face in my hands. “I just wanna die right now.”


“I can’t believe you heard that, aunt Alyssa. Please don’t say anything.”

“What if I told you a secret, sweetie?” She scooted closer to me, her mouth getting to within inches of my face. “What if I told you that this isn’t shocking to me?”

I shook my head. “That’s impossible.”

“It is possible. You know why? I’ve read online that fantasizing about family members is one of the biggest turn-ons people have.”

“No, that can’t be.”

“I swear! Nobody talks about it but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

“Aunt Alyssa, does that mean… Did you fantasize about your father? Grandpa?!”

She smiled and shook her head. “No, in my case it was someone else. It was… It was my brother.”

My eyes practically bulged out and my jaw dropped. My dad?! She also masturbated thinking about my dad? I was shocked and a little jealous. Then I remembered she’d been adopted so maybe it wasn’t as bad.

“Holy shit,” was all I could say.

“But there’s more. I didn’t just fantasize about my brother. We… We eventually got together.”

“What?! You and daddy?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…”

This time it was her who started to turn away from me and I reacted instinctively by putting my hand on her knee so she wouldn’t leave.

“No no! Tell me about it, please. This is crazy but I want to know.”

She looked deeply into my eyes and I felt my heart melt. If it was strange, I’d only felt something like this with one boy before. It was like love and passion and an intimate connection all rolled into one. She was gorgeous and most of all she was looking at me the same way.

“You really want to know about this, Suelyn? Even though it will change everything between you and me, and you and your father?”

“I wanna know everything, aunt Alyssa.”


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