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Open Door Policy Taboo

Open Door Policy Taboo

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“A father getting blown by his daughter, me getting the same treatment from my aunt, it was paradise!”

Jasper is stuck on uncle Edwin’s farm for the summer. Tired and overworked, he starts fantasizing about the only two women around: aunt Victoria and cousin Romy.

And then something incredible happens. He learns about the family’s open door policy. Everybody gets to have sex with everybody else, anytime they want!

Will Jasper let himself be seduced by his 18-year-old cousin? Will he be okay with watching her getting pounded by her daddy? And how will he react to the discovery that aunt Victoria is a shameless slut?


“I guess you have a point. How long has this been going on?”

“Me joining them? Since my 18th birthday. This said, I’ve wanted to participate for a lot longer than that. They remained firm on me being legal before starting though.”

“So you knew? They’d let you watch them having… sex?”

“Totally. It was really hot and really frustrating that I couldn’t join them until I was 18. But I made up for lost time that day.”

She smiled to herself as she obviously recalled the fond memory. I took the opportunity to let my eyes sweep up and down her body. She was barefoot and her legs were simply breathtaking in the dim light of my bedside lamp. She was still wearing the same booty shorts and tight T-shirt as before but now she was conspicuously not wearing a bra; her nipples were making sharp dents in the fabric.

“How did it start?”

“I just walked in on them once and they explained to me that sex is a natural thing, that we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. I was told it was okay to watch but we couldn’t touch each other until I was an adult. Daddy later told me that’s how he grew up, that’s how they live on his side of the family.”

“Wow… I had no idea something like that existed.”

“Later this summer we’re supposed to go to this big barbecue, the whole family will be there. Mom and dad say that I’ll get to swing with anybody I want that weekend, I can’t wait.”


“So this is turning you on, right Jasper? You’re getting excited by this.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You were beating off when I came in, it has to be because you saw my mom and dad doing it. And they’re your aunt and uncle so to you that’s incest.”

“But…” I closed my mouth before saying anything else. Romy was making sense even though I didn’t want her to. She saw right through me.

“So are you disgusted that you’re into this taboo just like we are?”


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