10 #taboo stories in 1 sexy bundle? Yes, it’s happening again!

That’s right, it’s time for the launch of a brand-new So Wrong box set 🙂

Hurry up because this less-than-3-dollars price won’t last and it only applies on Amazon. If there’s just one of these stories that you haven’t read, you’ll still save money since it’s basically a 90% rebate on the regular price ($30).

Also available on paperback. Enjoy!

So Wrong 5

So Wrong 5: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

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Most Exciting Boxed Set Yet!

You can’t help who turns you on, who you lust after. Some people just don’t understand the incredible attraction of taboo relationships. But sometimes…

…it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT!

You know that I specialize in stories featuring the forbidden taboo of characters sharing their home and each other. I hereby bring you another ultimate box set to make your WILDEST TABOO fantasies come true!

In this collection you’ll find 10 MORE BOOKS by me. The stories are scorching and feature a controversial kink! They are:

Finally Old Enough
Cougar of the House 2
Daddy and the Blind Virgin
Sharing Wet Sisters
He Raised Me I Pleased Him
Our Daughter in Our Bed
Her Master His Daughter
Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming
Taken by Daddy’s Ghost
The Forbidden Taboo 9



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