Hot sample – He Raised Me I Pleased Him

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He Raised Me I Pleased Him

He Raised Me I Pleased Him

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Gorgeous Ivy is home for the holidays and she’s suddenly reminded how attracted she is to her stepfather.

Getting moist between her thighs, she decides to seduce him before the end of the weekend.

Will daddy surrender to the sex-charged atmosphere and ravage his horny stepdaughter?










In two steps he closed the distance between us, his face just inches away from mine.

“Why kind of game are you playing, Ivy?”

Heat radiated from him, searing my skin. With as much calm as I could muster, I placed the spatula on the counter and turned to give him my full attention.

“There is no game, Miles.”

“What happened with calling me dad?”

I ignored the question. “That’s your name, isn’t it? I call men by their names.”

“Does this have anything to do with the conversation about wanting an older man last night? Uh, Ivy? Why the sexy lingerie this morning? And are you even wearing panties?”

“Are you asking because you really want to know?”

“Stop these games, pumpkin.”

Feeling a bit indignant by his prudish attitude, I reached behind me and turned off the burner. I then straightened my spine, holding my head up high.

“I always sleep in stuff like this. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel like a woman. Even in previous years, I’ve worn my lingerie to bed. I just changed before coming out of my room so not to offend anyone. But if you don’t like me wearing this, then I’ll go change.”

I turned to leave only to feel his fingers wrap around my upper arm, stopping me mid-step. In an instant, I went from walking away to leaning against the counter, his mouth ravaging mine.

Dad was kissing me!

My entire body came alive in that moment. My pussy clenched with unsatisfied need and my nipples pebbled to tight points.


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