Teach Me Pleasure – A book transformation

Aunt Wendy and My Sexual Education

Aunt Wendy and My Sexual Education

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Kayden is 18 and wants to be an actress so she moves to Los Angeles with her gorgeous and free-spirited Aunt Wendy. Little does she know that the older woman is actually a sex freak!

The good news is that Kayden is willing to expand her horizons. She starts by sunbathing topless but soon things turn serious when she witnesses her aunt giving a blow job to handsome Hollywood insider Beecher.

She’ll have to decide how far she’s willing to go. She’ll have to decide if she’s okay having sex with her own aunt…

This isn’t a new story although the behind-the-scenes drama is almost a saga.

You see, my story Aunt Wendy and My Sexual Education on Amazon was called Mature Wendy and My Intimate Education and had a very, very tame description. In late January I received a message from the Seattle giant asking me to change that description because it didn’t fit the guidelines. This was insane but I made the changes anyway.

Last weekend I received another e-mail telling me that because I hadn’t made changes (?!?!) the book was now blocked. WTF, you say? That was my reaction also. So I have published this book as a new entity, with the title Teach Me Pleasure.

As I said, this isn’t a new book but it has a new title and new cover on Amazon. Feel free to get it if you’re into a MILF aunt showing her teen niece the wonderful world of lesbian sex and how to properly share a man 🙂

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