New hot #sample – Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Labor Day: Stimulate Me, DaddyHere’s a look at my latest story, Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Overdue to give birth, Stella has sex with her daddy, brother, mom, and sister-in-law to induce labor. Watch as medical stimulation turns into FUN stimulation!

The pregnant girl straightened up. “Really? You’ve been thinking about me this way, daddy?”

Henry had lost the battle, there was no reason to deny it. His wife had pleaded her case better than he had.

“Does that shock you?” he softly inquired.

Stella started to say something before getting up. Then, “No. I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes. I was… flattered.”

“See, everyone? It doesn’t sound so bad, does it?”

Henry’s dick hardened at the prospect of getting intimate with his daughter. “And you’re truly okay with this, Gretchen?”

“I’d do anything for our little girl.”

She stood up and hugged Stella.

“Come on, let’s induce labor the old-fashioned way.”

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