The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

I have a new collection, woo-hoooo!

Meet the Throckmortons, a hot-blooded family who’s not afraid to discover a world where the best sex is found at home with the ones you love!

You’ll find a stepmom putting the moves on her rich stepson, two sisters sharing a man as well as each other, and a conflicted man being seduced by his stepdaughter.

The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3 (19,000 words) brings together the first three installments of the erotic series. It includes:

The Forbidden Taboo 1: His Body Heat

Cooper Throckmorton is a wealthy and handsome young man who finds himself attracted to his stepmother. It leads to them acting publicly in the subway.

The Forbidden Taboo 2: Strap-On Sisters

Sisters Thalia and Debbie Throckmorton, gorgeous and barely legal, are out partying in California when their host talks them into having sex with each other using a sex toy!

The Forbidden Taboo 3: Daddy Daughter Desires

When Debbie is stranded away from home, she’s rescued by her stepdad Davis. They have no choice but to share a hotel room together, not knowing that the atmosphere is sizzling with arousal! Will the two of them have sex together even though it’s extremely wrong?

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7 thoughts on “The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

    • Cheri Verset says:

      Thanks, Marc!

      The new (mucho tame) cover has gone live so I’m thinking someone took offense with the one that is above. These days, as long as I don’t get banned outright I’m a happy camper 🙂

    • Marc Cabot says:

      Well, that blows. I didn’t think it was that bad. Well, it is, but in that good bad way. 🙂

      Now I will be interested to see if somebody puts the kibosh on my new cover for the paperback of “Maestro.” It’s not explicit, but it’s kind of shocking. Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Cheri Verset says:

      I’m sure Maestro will be fine. It’s the one with the major cleavage, isn’t it? Or are you changing it?

      Amazon has a hissy fit with covers when it comes to explicit nudity or when characters SEEM to be touching themselves or each other, even when they’re actually not.

      Mostly, it depends on which reviewer goes over your submission. I suspect some to be more zealous than others…

    • Marc Cabot says:

      The cover of the e-book for “Maestro” is the one with the cleavage, yes. 🙂 The cover for the p-book has a photograph of a woman in science-fictiony restraints with electrodes taped to her head, gasping. (She’s being reprogrammed by the Pitchpipe. Ironically, it looks like she’s being tortured, but she’s not: she’s not consciously aware of what’s happening at all.)

      I have been trying to keep my covers PG-13 so I don’t have issues with getting into iTunes. It seems to be working, but it’s hard to tell because it takes so frigging long for the books to hit. 🙂 They may object to the cover of “A Matter of Trust.” We’ll have to see.

      And I’m sure you’re right about the luck of the draw. Although I don’t know enough other e-authors who use CreateSpace yet to know if they are as uptight about their covers.

    • Cheri Verset says:

      I’m not sure about the CreateSpace censors but if I was you I would keep paperback covers very tame. In time, I would opt to make the image tamer than the e-book. The reason people love e-readers and purchase a lot of erotica is that no one knows what they’re reading.

      I think you should do the same with your paperback books, opting for a neutral image that people won’t be ashamed to be seen reading. My friend Sara Fawkes just had a book deal for her Anything He Wants series and the first thing they did was replace the sensual cover with a picture of a feather. She’s the first one to admit it’s lame but the marketing people believe it’s gold.

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