New sample! – The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

Here’s a look at my latest release, The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3. It’s a collection of the first three stories in The Forbidden Taboo series: His Body Heat, Strap-On Sisters, and Daddy Daughter Desires.

3 stories for the price of two!

His eyes went down to the phone. He scrolled back to the beginning of the naughty images and enjoyed the show again. His breath caught in his throat when she was finally completely naked. He zoomed on the area between her legs. Her pussy was completely bald and puffy from desire. It shimmered in the light which meant she really was into this.

Davis felt his cock pulsing and he stroked faster. He was glad for his older years since it meant he could play with himself for a long time before it was over. Judging by the photographs, it was the opposite for his daughter. She touched herself with growing hunger. Her face was twisted into pleasure as she rubbed her clit with one hand. The other was busy inserting a finger deep into the channel.

This is so great, Davis mused. He never would’ve thought this was something that would turn him on and yet it did. She was so young, so fresh, so perfect! He tugged faster on his rod. Even though he was unlikely to see these images ever again they’d be the source of his fantasies for years to come.


His heart nearly gave out. It couldn’t be! He turned his head sideways and sure enough Debbie had opened the door and was standing four feet away looking at him. The nightlight offered just enough illumination so there was no mistaking what he was doing.

“Uh… Go back to bed, I’ll be right out.”

What else could he say? He was a grown man and didn’t have to justify himself to anyone even though getting caught masturbating red-handed was disconcerting. He was actually proud of his unapologetic demeanor when everything came crashing down.

“I just came for some water. Is that my phone?!”

Oh fuck!

There was no excuse to explain the little pink phone in his hands. His jaw dropped, he didn’t know what to say. Her eyes darted between the phone and his midsection which he was doing his best to hide with his forearms.

“You were looking at pictures of me, daddy? You were jerking off!”

Davis had to remember to breathe for fear of passing out. There was no way in hell he could ever admit to what he was doing, not to his daughter anyway. Then he had a flash of genius.

“I was on the Internet,” he said, hoping she would understand that, as everyone knew, the Internet was made for porn.

“But you were jerking off!”

She said that with a grin that took him aback. He had expected her to be scandalized by her father masturbating. Instead, she seemed amused. Without warning, she rushed forward and snatched her phone away from his hand. She looked at the screen.

“You weren’t on the Internet. Oh my God, you were looking at pictures of me!”

He took advantage of the instant she was looking at her phone to pull up his boxer shorts and stood up. He kept his hands in front of his crotch to conceal the bulge.

“That’s enough, Debbie.”

He made for the exit but she blocked the way. Again, she was smiling wickedly. She remained tipsy but she was no longer dead drunk.

“You know, you can continue to whack off if you want. You could look at me in the flesh while you’re doing it, daddy. I don’t mind. I might even like it.”

Read it all now!

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