New story! – The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat

Kissing her rich and handsome stepson Cooper isn’t the craziest thing Scarlett did today. Sure, it was exciting and got her moist but it was oh so wrong!

On the train ride home is where things really heat up. The crowd around them forces her to press her lithe body against his and that’s when she feels her desire mounting. She gets drunk on his body heat, on his sweet, young masculine scent, unable to forget the forbidden kiss they shared.

She can’t believe that she’s actually dry-humping her own stepson!!

Will things get even wilder once in the privacy of her home where anything can happen? Will Scarlett let him fulfill her lustful needs?

His Body Heat (7,000 words) is the first installment of The Forbidden Taboo series, a world where the best sex is found at home with the ones you love…

Read it now!

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