New story sample! – The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat

Here’s a look at my latest story, The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat.

Kissing her rich and handsome stepson Cooper isn’t the craziest thing Scarlett did today. Sure, it was exciting and got her moist but it was oh so wrong! The crowd around them on the train forces her lithe body against his and that’s when she feels her desire mounting. She gets drunk on his body heat, on his sweet, young masculine scent, unable to forget the forbidden kiss they shared. She can’t believe that she’s actually dry-humping her own stepson!! Will Scarlett let him fulfill her lustful needs once in the privacy of her home?

He gazed down at her, peering into her eyes. He looked so unsure of himself and vulnerable that her heart nearly broke. He was still holding her and she was rocking against him with the motion of the train.

“But it did happen, mom. I got carried away, did something I know I shouldn’t have, but… I can’t bring myself to regret it. I… I liked it.”

The truth was she had enjoyed it as well. She couldn’t say it, it wasn’t motherly. It wasn’t right. But she had enjoyed it tremendously. She was looking forward to locking herself in her bedroom and doing something about the heat that was growing between her legs.

“Cooper, you shouldn’t say these things.”

“You’re so beautiful, mom.”

As he said that, he brushed a loose strand of her light brown hair from her face and hooked it behind her ear. He lingered by her face, running a finger tip down her cheek and along her jaw line. She saw his adoration for her and there was nothing innocent about it. This wasn’t a young boy clinging to his mommy. This was a man lusting after a woman.

“The kiss earlier, it was an accident. But… I can’t say I never thought about doing it before. I thought about it plenty. I thought about… other things.”

She was about to tell him to stop with this nonsense when the train took a sharp turn as it angled for the island of Manhattan. This made her press further against him. Her eyes popped halfway out of the sockets when she felt the sizable bulge in his pants as it dug into her abdomen. He still had an erection and she was touching it!

Every fiber of her body told her to withdraw, to run away and at the very least imagine it had never happened. She couldn’t. It was as if she had reached the point of no return. Making contact with his engorged manhood made her heat flare up. She found that she couldn’t leave it. She was lost to it.

In a gesture that displayed more boldness than she actually felt, she spread her legs and then moved forward. It had to be the alcohol, she would swear to it. She lifted her dress so it was out of the way and essentially straddled his leg. No one was watching but if they did they would only see two people standing close together. In reality, she now had her crotch pressing directly on her son’s thigh while her abdomen rubbed against his hardness.

Cooper’s mouth fell open in disbelief and a small measure of panic. “Mom!”

“Sshhh, sweetie. Let’s just enjoy the ride.”

Her brain was no longer making any decisions. No, her body had taken over control. To the degree that she knew this was wrong, so very wrong, she couldn’t deny how she was craving a human touch. His body heat, his manly fragrance, it was driving her insane. She had no more restraint than someone with an itch could resist scratching it.

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