New story sample! – Licking Candy

Happy Canada Day!!!

Here’s a look at my latest story, Licking Candy. At 18, Candy has never had a guy go down on her. Mom notices her frustration and instructs her son to show her, in the flesh! The three of them retire to the bedroom for a family lesson in licking Candy. 5,600 words

I peeked up and what I saw floored me. My mother was not only caressing Candy’s chest but she was stroking her breasts. Her fingers circled the areolas before pinching the nipples.
“What are you doing? That’s your stepdaughter!”
My mother looked down at the brunette. “You don’t mind, do you?”
Candy drunkenly shook her head, clearly enjoying what our mom was doing.
“I bet you didn’t know I was bisexual, uh? And now we know your sister is too.”
I knew my outrage was motivated by what I thought I should do because deep down I was extremely turned on. Two beautiful women getting intimate in front of you? Crazy hot!
I licked faster, greedily eating her, not caring that I was doing this for Candy and not for me.
“Oh God…”
Her hips gyrated in my face, pleasure mounting within her, juices flowing. When I glanced up again, I saw my mom shrug out of her blouse. Her massive tits were almost popping out of her taupe bra. I was about the question her about undressing but this was thrilling me too much. I didn’t want to risk changing the mood.
“Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop!” my sister demanded breathlessly.

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