Meet Abraham Lincoln Vampire Fucker

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Fucker is my latest story. Here’s a little taste:

Abe came forward and kissed her lips once more. This time, he didn’t allow his hands to remain idle and they instantaneously got busy unlacing the corset. Within minutes, she was completely nude and he stepped back to admire her form. Her milky skin was without blemish and his eyes were immediately drawn down to her womanhood.

Contrary to every female he had ever encountered, she was fully hairless. Fascinated, he brought a hand down to touch her smoothness.

“Entranced, are you, sir?”

“Enchanted,” he whispered. “One would think you’re a nubile virgin.”

Josephine laughed. “I have been a vampire for several hundred years and ever since the reign of King Louis, I don’t recall which one, my creamy cunt has never ceased to mesmerize men.”

The President continued to touch it. It was cold but much more delicate than the rest of her body. He wondered if his wife Mary would consider a trim of her own.

Before he went any further, the woman got down on her knees. She had her own fascination with his fat prick. She wrapped her hands around it to get accustomed to its size. She looked up at Abe, seemingly telling him watch this, and took him into her mouth.


A part of her wanted to bite into it, to let the blood gush out so she could drink him to the last drop. However, she knew that if she did the pain would be too great for him and he wouldn’t be able to satisfy her in that other way she was craving. Instead, Josephine contented herself with inhaling him. She sucked him forcefully, taking him deep into the back of her throat.

“Oh madam, what pleasures you are creating!”

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