Nurse Tiffany Meets an Escort

The wait is over! Nurse Tiffany Meets an Escort is finally available on Amazon too.

In this steamy sequel to Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me, disabled young man Jeff Sanders struggles with his feelings for his caregiver. When he finds that he might be falling in love with Nurse Tiffany, he tries to get it out of his system by meeting with an escort.

But Nurse Tiffany has plans of her own and turns the appointment into a scorching threesome!

Why does she do this? Is she just helping out? Could she be a devotee?

Follow the emotional turmoil and insanely hot sex as Jeff and Tiffany reach a crossroads in their complicated relationship. This 6,800-word (about 30 pages) erotic short story is sure to send you to your favorite hiding place for some intimate alone time!

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