Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me

Behold, the first installment of the Nurse Tiffany series of short stories!

Jeff is a shy, young disabled man and as such he knows it’s bad form to get hard in front of a caregiver. The problem is that Nurse Tiffany is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

What will happen when it’s time for a sponge bath?

Some fantasies DO go beyond your wildest dreams!

This 5,300-word (about 22 pages) erotic short story blends tenderness and the kind of hardcore imagery which leaves NOTHING to the imagination. Read about the uneasy relationship between two people who discover how difficult it is to yearn for the unattainable.

As a bonus, Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me includes the first two chapters of the steamy erotic novella My Stepdaughter, The Nympho!

Intended for mature audiences who enjoy sexually graphic scenes.

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